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did social media ruin election 2016 Coachella’s blood would be made out of, like, pizza, MDMA, glow sticks and sweat. And a sweatband. And bong water. LIASSON: Yes. Wherever Trump goes, there seem to be protests now. There’s also a pattern. NPR called the chief counsel for the city for reaction today. Those calls were not returned. Nina Totenberg, NPR News, Washington.. By all reports, things went well today in New York. Owners and players came together, and they didn…

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did the 1966 world cup mark the birth of modern football Cable says the act of banning a word is often an elaborate form of self branding that sends a message both externally to the public and internally to the workers. When, for example, you rid your company of a customer service department and replace it with a group of heroes, as social media management platform Buffer did, you do so to separate the us (young, progressive) from the them…

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